• halinga automuuseum

    New car museum


    The Car Museum at Halinga is located next to the Tallinn-Pärnu-Riga highway, where it is possible to see many classic vehicles from the last century.

  • Viking Ship

    Explore Viking culture in Vilnius


    Have you ever met a Viking in Vilnius? Sounds strange? From 8th of May you can definitely meat Vikings on river Neris in Vilnius.

  • Bizarre

    Bizzare restaurant – new flavours in Vilnius


    “Bizzare” restaurant is divided into two floors presenting two different types of cuisines and hosting 3 high level chefs at the same time.

  • arvutimuuseum

    Computer Museum in Tallinn


    The oldest and only Computer Museum in Estonia is located in Tallinn and welcomes all enthusiasts. Museum consists of a large private collection and treats its visitors to nostalgic experiences, new facts and a great …

  • tallinn

    Estonia is one of the safest destinations


    Estonia has fared remarkably well again in yet another global comparison table, this time regarding general safety and crime.

  • toidumuuseum

    Estonian Food Museum


    On the 15th of September, Estonian Food Museum was opened in Tallinn, as an initiative of two women.