Only Good Luck tour in Riga



GOOD LUCK tour in Riga we start at Bremen Town Musicians – Every Grimm Brother story has a moral to the story – this might be teamwork.

The animals in this story are weak and getting old and alone none of them would be able to achieve much. But by working together, they can get the job done. There may be other morals here that involve age, death, and change as well. It is considered good luck to rub one part of each of the statue’s appendages. The trick is to try to touch each appendage.
After you proceed to the greenest part of Riga Old Town – Bastion Hill. Special atmosphere is always here. Here you´ll get to know key of happiness and what brings you back to Riga.
We continue our tour to Latvian National Art Museum, where you can spend hours and hours enjoying Latvian art and also find place to get good luck. It is no secret that a great atmosphere makes a meal taste even better. After enjoying Riga’s sights, enjoy your evening in one of the best restaurants or bars in Riga. Do not forget to order a shot of the Latvian magic drink – Riga Black Balsam. Riga Black Balsam cosumption in reasonable amounts instantly improves health and mood.