Children’s Science Centre Z(in)oo



Science center ”ZINOO Rīga” has been created with the aim to cause adults and children a curiosity about the world, technology and itself in the technology world. For school classes center will give additional motivation to learn, but for families it will be the place to spend a meaningful leisure time.

Science center ”ZINOO Rīga” exhibits are designed to allow looking at things from another point of view. There is opportunity to try a crooked room where shortest will become the tallest, try to pass through the wall, move objects without touching – just a few of the many interactive exhibits, which can not only view but also to touch and participate!

Most importantly in science center is the activity – the exhibits are meant to work with them, touch them and use. Operating fascinates children and promote learning to continue to discover more and more miracles all around.

For more information and to make a booking please contact us by e-mail or call +371  6 7288 494.