Ancient craft workshop & sauna ritual experpience



To get to know Latvia through local ancient crafts workshop and a magical sauna ritual in a short drive from Riga. We enter the household’s “Carpenter’s workshop”.

The owner Laura tells you about the local wood sculpting traditions. Then it is your turn to try it out! Working along with experienced craftsmen you get to know typical Latvian trees and try out traditional toys. All that you make on the spot are your souvenirs. Before we are tired of all the sculpturing Laura calls to a homemade meal and a very special tea recipe brewed in a bonfire house. After you have an opportunity for a sauna experience. Where the household’s sauna master brings you to the sauna and explains about the local sauna rituals. Then the sauna master by using different types of tree branches (leaf and needle trees) massages you and the hot sauna cleanses your body. Relaxed, we return back to Riga.

Private tour PRICE PER PERSON from 109 EUR
(min 2 pax)

Private car or minivan from Riga
English speaking driver
Homemade lunch
Carpenter’s workshop in English – 1,5 h