• Up and down the hills of The Switzerland of Latvia


    This 17 km long hike brings you to the heart of the Gauja National Park and Sigulda town, also known as the Little Switzerland of Latvia.

  • Latvian herbal traditions and mandala workshop


    In 1,5 h drive, we reach the household “Ozoliņi” where Evita will welcome you to create your own unique herbal infusion mix by choosing herbs relying on your senses and by creating a mandala out of chosen herbs.

  • Kuldiga: charming streets, live history and coffee


    Kuldiga should be on the ‘must see’ list for everyone! It is the most romantic town in Latvia.

  • Ancient craft workshop & sauna ritual experpience


    To get to know Latvia through local ancient crafts workshop and a magical sauna ritual in a short drive from Riga. We enter the household’s “Carpenter’s workshop”.

  • Only Good Luck tour in Riga


    GOOD LUCK tour in Riga we start at Bremen Town Musicians – Every Grimm Brother story has a moral to the story – this might be teamwork.

  • First sap Tree Park in the world!


    Visit the world’s first sap tree park which in the future will offer it’s guest to view around 32 different types of birch, maple, firewood and walnut trees, all of which give sap during spring time.

  • New Concert and Conference center in Riga – Hanzas Perons


    Hanzas Perons is a former Riga cargo railway warehouse that has been reborn as a brand new venue for culture and business events.

  • Largest convention center in the Baltics – ATTA CENTRE


    ATTA CENTRE offer options to hold a variety of events: exhibitions, conferences, banquets, as well as cultural and sporting events. The center also includes an office center and a rooftop restaurant.

  • Net adventure park opens in Ligatne


    Tīklu parks, the Baltics’ first net adventure park

  • Mazmežotne Manor


    Manor – located on the hill of Lielupe river bank valley.

  • Let’s Discover Latvian Heritage!


    Latvia is a land of hard-working and generous go-getters who respect the traditions of their ancestors and are still loyal to them nowadays.

  • Kalnciems Quarter in Riga has become even more attractive


    The Street Food Festival is now taking place in the Kalnciems Quarter.

  • Visit TV tower observation platform (97m high)


    Riga Radio and TV Tower is 368 m high, and it is the highest tower in the European Union.

  • New amusement park for families with children – “AB park”


    The new amusement park for families with children is opening in Latvia this spring. “AB park” is located in Lielvarde county Ledmanes parish.

  • The First and Only Fashion Museum in the Baltics opened in Riga


    The Fashion Museum in Riga showcases clothing styles over the centuries.

  • MÁDARA Cosmetics Factory is opened


    Latvian cosmetics company MADARA offer Excursion with cosmetics workshop and shopping.

  • Food is Culture. WILD AT PLATE


    The Latvian region has been bestowed the title of European Gastronomy Region 2017, accenting natural wonders and the gastronomic heritage of the specific area. This will result in a long list of special events and activities next year.

  • Bats center in Daugavpils offers Bats Nights excursions


    Bats center offers a chance to visit the center of Daugavpils bat and see the bats dedicated to the exposure, as well as to participate in day or night excursions.

  • Creation of the new exposition design starts in Riga Motor Museum


    The design project envisages the creation of an entirely new innovative Riga Motor Museum exposition with interactive and multimedia solutions, highlighting the museum’s collections and unique exhibits.

  • Experience Medieval Ages in castles and palaces of Latvia


    Apart from general information about the history and Medieval Ages, the Latvian Medieval castles and palaces also offer their visitors to experience the Medieval Ages’ traditions and life style by going on thematic tours and taking part in various Medieval activities.

  • The Latvian National Museum of Art reopens in 2016


    The reconstruction of the Latvian National Museum of Art was completed at the end of 2015, and the museum will reopen to the public on 4 May 2016.

  • Experience a night at a manor


    Latvia is famous for its magnificent countryside manors built hundreds of years ago by German and Russian landlords, and thoroughly renovated to show off their architectural value and to offer top class service and accommodation.

  • Chocolate master class workshops in Riga


    A master chocolatier lives in each one of us. To create a sweet miracle, take your loved ones by the hand and together allow yourselves to experience the true joy of chocolate creation… The chocolate …

  • The Aldaris Beer Museum opened in Latvia


    The Aldaris Beer Museum is the most up-to-date museum of beer in the Baltics and the very first one in Latvia. It is in the historic neighbourhood of Aldaris in the outskirts of Riga, in …

  • Newly built concert halls – new places for events in Latvia


    GORS, The Embassy of Latgale, The Cesis concert hall and Liepāja’s newest concert hall Great Amber are perfect places for special events. GORS, The Embassy of Latgale, is where the story of Latgale is both …

  • The Spikeri Quarter is perfect for holding events


    Spikeri quarter is the perfect place to hold art, culture, sports and other public events and activities. This quarter is one of the city’s epicentres for events and cultural festivals. Spikeri Quarter is a complex …

  • KGB headquarters reopens


    The Corner House exhibition at the former Latvian SSR KGB building at Brivibas Street 61 in Riga reopened its doors to the public in February 2015. As part of the Rīga 2014 European Capital of …

  • Unusual and exciting way to visit Latvia – rafting up the river Daugava


    The eastern Latvian city of Daugavpils and the Mark Rothko Art Center offers visitors an unusual and exciting way to visit the city by offering special rafting trips up Latvia’s most iconic and mythical river, …

  • Riga boats – a kayaking adventure in an urban atmosphere


    Try a waterborne sightseeing adventure in the city centre! See Riga from a completely different perspective by exploring Riga in a kayak through the historical city canal and across the biggest river of Latvia. Uncover …

  • Movie Night teambuilding event

    “Movie Night” team building event in Riga, Latvia


    An exciting team building event that will promote team collaboration, friendliness and cooperation, and offer an escape from the daily routine. The event requires teamwork for acting, scriptwriting, scene-setting and filming, and then the grand …

  • loquiz

    LOQUIZ city game


    LOQUIZ city game is a new, strategic game, created for orienteering in an urban area. During the game, the participants move through the city, following the indications on the interactive map. The map shows a variety …

  • Children’s Science Centre Z(in)oo


    Science center ”ZINOO Rīga” has been created with the aim to cause adults and children a curiosity about the world, technology and itself in the technology world. For school classes center will give additional motivation …

  • Incentive idea: Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory


    The only ammunition plant that tourists can visit in the Baltic States is the oldest working shot tower in Europe! Visitors can see historical devices used for making lead castings to give the molten lead …